Charley Woodsby has a recipe for everything – in and out of the kitchen. During his years in the restaurant business, his unique character as a visionary restaurateur culminated in his cofounding an indelible part of the American dining experience: Red Lobster. Never one to rest on his laurels, Charley then conquered new frontiers in award-winning high-end steak houses.


Learn how Charley turned his childhood dinners in Spartanburg, South Carolina, into a dining experience American families choose again and again today. With a delightful mix of stories about Charley’s life and business legacy, you’ll also receive the secrets of some of his most famous dishes.


Charley’s recipes – for his restaurants’ delicious food and for enjoying a fulfilling life – will leave you hungry for more!



The Story of the American Family Seafood Restaurant

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“Find your passion for what you really want to do in life—schoolteacher, boat captain, or chef—and you will be successful; you will enjoy every day as if you were not working.”

Charley Woodsby